Bring your clock back to life

Traditional clock-making practices and experiences. Modern repair techniques and equipment. That's Lakewood Clock Repair.

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How it Works

Services Offered
Regular Maintenance (Clean, Oil & Adjust)
· Repair/Overhaul

Types of Clocks Serviced
· Modern & Antique Clocks
· Mechanical Clocks (Weight & Spring Driven)
· Mantel, Shelf, Wall, Floor Clocks
· Torsion (Atmos, Anniversary, 400/1000 day) Clocks
· Grandfather Clock service-calls around North East Ohio

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1. Bring your clock to Lakewood Clock Repair (LWDCR).  No appointment required.

Note: For Grandfather Clock Service, call LWDCR to schedule a service call.


2. When you bring in your clock, LWDCR will identify necessary repairs and provide the estimated cost for those repairs.

repair your clock

3. If you accept the repair costs, LWDCR will repair and then test the clock to verify proper functioning.

enjoy your clock

4. LWDCR will contact you when your clock is ready to come back home for you to enjoy.

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Who Makes Lakewood Clock Repair Tick

ALAN RUE is a lifelong Ohioan and has been a Lakewood resident for over 20 years. While attending Baldwin Wallace University, Alan learned clock repair and maintenance working under Rudi Kamper & Klaus Ludwig of Suburban Clock in Berea.
     During his career in the IT/telecommunications industry, Alan’s love of clock maintenance and repair grew as he worked on his own clock collection and occasionally repaired clocks for friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. These years of passion have brought the skills, tools, and equipment needed to perform professional clock repair. Thus Lakewood Clock Repair was born.

ANDREW BRACKEN was fascinated with clocks since he was a child. Beginning in early 2003, he started tinkering with clocks in his parents’ basement and soon learned he could successfully repair them.
    This blossomed into a rewarding hobby/side hustle until he was hired by Suburban Clock in 2021. There, he quickly honed his skills and gained more knowledge and experience, and promotion to Repair Supervisor.
     Looking for new opportunities, Andrew joined Lakewood Clock Repair in February 2024. Andrew brings skill sets that will permit Lakewood Clock Repair to grow and expand its service offerings.

Contact Us

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Call us at:

(216) 421-4201

Free public parking beside the building.

In the message section please include as much information about your clock as possible, such as:

· Clock Maker (Typically somewhere on the dial)
· Problem being experienced
· Age of the clock
· Type of clock (wall, mantel, grandfather)
· Last time the clock was serviced
· Type of service performed

Inquiries will be addressed within 24 to 48 hours. We look forward to helping turn back time for your clock.